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    We just keep getting better...

    As I review this months newsletter, I notice a trend that is starting here. It seems that more and more quality companies want to partner with us to offer their products to our loyal merchants. Now, I realize that this is not a revelation, after all, DXshop attracts the brightest minds in the development and e-commerce world, but never before have our merchants been in such demand.

    It is tough to decide who our merchants get to see, and who they do not. DXStorm does not want to bombard our merchants with endless offers of merchant accounts and services, but we want to ensure that you all have the tools that will help you make the most out of your business. In this newsletter, I think we have managed to provide exactly that - the best offers and companies to meet your current needs.

    Now, it is true that not every one needs a merchant account or is interested in domain registration, but we do want to know what it is that interests you, so we can partner with the companies that help our merchants the most. Email me at we_want_to_see@dxstorm.com and let me know who you want to see DXStorm partner with! I hope you enjoy this newsletter as much as I enjoyed producing it for you :)

    Mike Morton


    Where does the time go?

    Have you ever reached the end of a week and wondered where the time has gone? Not sure what you actually accomplished this week? Clients asking why it has taken you 4 weeks to do a 5 hour job?

    If you answered yes to any of these questions you need to track your time. We have found just the tool to do that.

    Sambucus from Logiciels Malus Softwares can track your time Sambucus Screen Shot right down to the second. You can track multiple projects by task and by individual timestamp. Using the simple graphical interface, you can throw away that bulky spreadsheet and stack of paper timesheets. Simple set up the task, hit the button to start, and again to end.

    We have been using Sambucus for more than 3 months now, and the reporting capabilities have helped us track our time on projects and as such, helped us to estimate jobs more accurately, and bill them also with greater accuracy. We have been able to estimate the length of a job based on the history of 'productive' hours in a week, and has helped to streamline our operation to squeeze more billing hours out of a day.

    Sambucus has been rated highly by Tucows (4/5 cows) and most recently by MacWorld Magazine (41/2/5 mice) and of course our own two thumbs and two big toes up!

    Sambucus is available for Macintosh version 8.0 and up (including an OS X native version) - sorry PC users - and is available free for 30 days at: http://www3.sympatico.ca/fuzzies/index.html

    (P.S. - we do NOT receive commissions for purchased copies of this software - we simply love it and think that any Mac user that needs to track their time should use it!)


    Realtime Merchant Accounts
    DXStorm has teamed up with InternetSecure to offer merchant status. InternetSecure offers Canadian and US dollar merchant accounts for all popular card types to qualified merchants quickly and reasonably priced. InternetSecure is fully integrated with DXshop, and can be setup for processing in a matter of minutes. InternetSecures proprietary fraud detection allows merchants to enjoy one of the lowest chargeback rates in the industry.

    Sign up online now to start saving time by processing online, or call 1-800-297-9482


    Register your Domain

    DXStorm now also offers domain registration for as little as $17 USD/year. That is half the price of Verisign! Whether you need a domain for your DXStorm driven website, or would just like to own your own domain, DXStorm can register that for you. We can host your registered domain, or point your domain to wherever you would like it to be hosted. Visit our website for more information or call us at 1-877-397-8676 for more information or to get started.


    DXStorm has teamed up with VTC to offer training videos online.

    VTC (the Virtual Training Company) offers training videos Sambucus Screen Shot for more than 150 software products both online and on CD's. Training videos are offered for products such as Macromedia Dreamweaver 4, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Word, PHP, A Plus Certification and MANY more.

    Each program is split into chapters, and each chapter has a number of short, but in depth videos. Each video is professionally produced and narrated with live action showing you exactly what to do as you are instructed how. No more user guides, or hard to follow manuals. Simply watch and listen to the video, then try it! Since you can see exactly how it is being done, there is no question of inaccuracy or missing a step.

    VTC offers the training videos in two ways. The first is through an online university. For $25 USD/month, you can have access to ALL available packages and videos for online viewing. Each video is streamed directly to you, and is compressed for speed. Even someone with a 28.8K dialup account can watch the videos without waiting long for them.

    If you do not want to watch the videos online, then you can also purchase a CD of the product, containing all of the training videos for that package. You do not need any additional software to view the CD videos, as they are completely self contained.

    VTC also offers the first 3 chapters online free for viewing (Our favorites are Macromedia Dreamweaver/Fireworks/Flash Integration and PHP! :) You can view the free chapters, or signup up online at their website.


    Feature Additions

    We recently added additional Authorize.net security features to the DXshop system - details of which can be found on the main screen when you log into your DXshop administration.

    As many of you know, over the past couple of months we have experienced an unusual amount of server downtime due to crashes. We have isolated the problem to some faulty server configurations, and are happy to say that we have virtually eliminated the DXshop downtime altogether. We thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.

    Our developers have been working feverishly on integrating UPS with our DXcart solution, and happily are now in the pre-beta testing stage with the Rates & Service Selection and Time in Transit Tools. They expect to be beta testing very shortly. Once UPS has approved the DXcart integration, our developers will then move to integrate the DXshop with the UPS OnLine® Tools. This will allow DXshop merchants to quote UPS rates in realtime, estimate delivery time door to door, and integrate UPS tracking to their website. We are very excited with this opportunity and cannot wait to run this in the DXshop.


    Did You Know...

    DXStorm does more than just shopping carts! We develop full web system solutions. From consulting to fulfillment process building, we can do it all. Flash development, brand building, even website marketing! DXStorm can help build your business online and offline.


    Consulting Services

    DXStorm has the expertise and experience you need to evaluate and support your E-Business strategies. Whether you need help to evaluate new technologies, decide how to integrate new technologies with your legacy systems, streamline your operations and information flow through new technology, or expand your business through updated channels, we can provide the insight and support you require. When you are ready for expertise that you can trust, give us a call.


    Flash Site Development

    If you have been to our new website http://www.dxstorm.com, then you see the tip of the iceberg on what we can do for you with flash. From simple splash and introductory flash movies, to full-blown interactive ordering systems with flash, we have the expertise and the creative know how to do it. Want to stand out in the crowds? Call us for a consultation on how flash can bring your customers back time and time again!


    Website Marketing

    Are you one of hundreds of websites trying to eke out search engine position to leverage your killer DXshop system? Don't want to spend thousands on marketing to get the eyes that are interested in your products? Call us. DXStorm does customized tailor website postings that will get the eyes that you need. Unlike thousands of other companies out there, we do not spam post search engines to try and just get listed. We go to your target market and request links, sites that YOUR customers visit. Not banner advertising, no posting to thousands of useless link farms, direct to the sites that capture the interest of YOUR customers! We have increased the traffic for a wide variety of sites, from models to book publishers around the world. We CAN help you. Call us for more information about the services that we offer.


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