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  • UPS Shipping Module Integration
  • POP E-mail accounts
  • PSIGate Payment Processing
  • Linkpoint Payment Processing
  • Register your Domain

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    UPS Shipping Module Integration

    We are pleased to announce the release of the UPS shipping module in DXcart. We are also pleased to announce that we are the first in Canada to integrate UPS Online Tools serving North America. DXcart allows for the use of the UPS shipping calculator and offers the customer all the UPS shipping levels offered for the specified destination. UPS set up is simply done by registering through your DXcart administration. You can find the link to register with UPS by going to Cart Settings --> Shipping --> General Settings. More details for using the UPS shipping module can be found in the the User Guide.

    Download the User Guide in Word format
    Download the User Guide in PDF format


    POP E-mail Accounts

    We are now able to provide pop e-mail accounts to compliment our Domain Registrations and Domain set-ups. Instead of getting emails forwarded to your personal accounts you can now have a separate account for your business. For as little as $3.50 per month you can have a your own email account with 25 Meg storage, 1 Gig transfer, and web access.

    # of Accts Cost per year Cost per account
    1 $60 $5/month
    5 $240 $4/month
    10 $420 $3.50/month


    PSIGate Payment Processing
    DXStorm has partnered up with PSIGate to offer merchant status. PSIGate offers Canadian and US dollar merchant accounts for all popular card types to qualified merchants quickly and reasonably priced. PSIGate can also provide gateway access if you already have an existing merchant account. PSIGate is fully integrated with DXcart, and can be setup for processing in a matter of minutes.

    Apply for a merchant account and gateway
    Apply for gateway only (using an existing merchant account)
    For more information call 1-877-374-9444.


    Linkpoint Payment Processing
    DXCart merchants can now use one of the worlds largest payment processors - Cardservices using Linkpoint. Cardservice International currently processes more than $12 billion in annual credit card volume and more than 125 million transactions annually for its customer base of 200,000 merchants.

    For more information about Card Service International visit their website: http://www.cardservice.com or the website for Linkpoint: http://www.linkpoint.com


    Register your Domain

    DXStorm now also offers domain registration for as little as $17 USD/year. That is half the price of Verisign! Whether you need a domain for your DXStorm driven website, or would just like to own your own domain, DXStorm can register that for you. We can host your registered domain, or point your domain to wherever you would like it to be hosted. Visit our website for more information or call us at 1-877-397-8676 for more information or to get started.


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