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Web design services can take on many shapes and forms depending entirely on your business and your needs. Let us walk through the process of design so you can better understand how we work with our clients.

Purpose: The first question we ask is about the purpose of the Web site you would like designed. You must know what it is you are trying to accomplish. Will a Web site help to increase revenues, save costs, or do both?

Depending upon the primary mission(s), you must ask HOW a Web site can accomplish your goals. Will your site make information readily available to potential clients thereby providing a competitive edge? Will your site allow for more streamlined communications with clients thereby reducing sales costs or increasing repeat sales? Is the site intended to help support sales people or distributors, streamline purchasing, track orders.

We can help you with the answers to those questions, and through our experience, we can often identify key questions/answers that you may not have thought of. With Purpose properly identified, we can move on to step two.

Function and Audience: Based on our experience, DXStorm will suggest the functions that your site should provide to meet its purpose. We will also confirm with you the audience for your site, which has a significant impact on the design aspect of the site. For instance, an introductory sales site might be required to amaze the audience with high end presentation. An information laden or product catalog type site might require a crisper and simpler approach to allow visitors to drill down to information quickly without distraction. Or the need may be somewhere in between. We can develop a visual corporate identity, or draw from existing corporate branding materials.

Develop and Implement: With function, audience and all requirements identified, our team will go to work to create your Web presence and online tools required to fulfill the purposes first defined. To simplify the process for you, DXStorm will provide the hosting and network required for your site from within our own dedicated data center. As the project nears completion, we will call on you again with several potential purposes in mind:
  • walk through your new site to verify content and presentation
  • train you and/or your staff with regards to any 'back office' functions that have been created for you.
  • discuss and/or provide training with regards to application of your new Web site within the context of your business to ensure that you get from your site what you expect.

DXStorm can develop virtually any level of Web site, from a fundamental beginning to a global intranet, extranet, Web presence with e-commerce, database connectivity, high security and sophisticated online-offline software integration. No matter what the project is, the fundamentals and our approach are the same which means that mo matter what your needs are, you can expect the same level of professional service.

For a quotation, please contact us, or request a quotation online.

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