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Business Development

DXStorm is expanding its business through a variety of means outside of typical 'organic growth'. In short, we are seeking new partners and new acquisitions.


Your company offers services or technology complimentary to DXStorm that can increase revenues and/or dramatically reduce costs for our organizations. This may include client base expansion for DXStorm, client base expansion for your company with financial benefit to DXStorm, expansion of services for either company, combination of resources to reduce costs, or collaborative efforts with new projects and/or clientele.

If you believe that such opportunities may exist, please contact Zoran Popovic call 1-877-397-8676.

Mergers and Acquisitions

The meltdown of our sector has been difficult for many businesses. DXStorm is set to take advantage of the economic conditions, and in such capacity can help save part, or sometimes all of a business under stress.

DXStorm is seeking to acquire assets, clients, contracts, personnel, intellectual property, and, in some cases, entire companies where such acquisitions or mergers increase revenues, increase opportunity, and/or increase the value of our company or combined companies. Our interests include direct competitors, complimentary services, or operations that offer distinct opportunity in combination of management and/or technical resources.

If your company is interested in exploring such an opportunity with DXStorm, please contact Zoran Popovic in confidence by telephone at 1-877-397-8676.

We understand that confidentiality is critical in such explorations and assure you that any information you share will, at your direction, be maintained as strictly confidential. NDA agreements will be executed upon request.

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