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Three key elements put DXshop for Small, Medium and Large Business way ahead of any other product in its class:

DXshop is a service, not software.

By providing DXshop as a service residing on our servers in our own data center we eliminate platform incompatibilities, upgrade issues, and potentially challenging technical requirements. This also makes our merchant support efficient, ensures maximum security, and keeps the development team very close to our merchants' business. Upgrades are automatic (immediately benefiting all users), and technical requirements do not balloon as your online catalogs grow.

DXshop is configured and managed using a Web-based interface.

A Web based interface means that you require no special software or specific computer to use the system. Any recent Netscape or Internet Explorer Web browser can be used to manage all aspects of DXshop. Log into your password protected administration quickly and easily with your browser. A point and click interface allows you to configure all aspects of your online store. Orders can be retrieved with complete security. Updates to prices, applied functionality, appearance, product bundles, and more can be made from virtually anywhere thanks to the Web based interface.

You don't need to know HTML to build your store as all of the pages in your store are generated dynamically from the information you have entered. If you have some knowledge of HTML, you add it in any text area to add flare to your web pages.

DXshop boasts an exceptional feature set.

Advanced merchandising features, multiple interfaces and action options, an extensive shipping and tax calculator, product bundling capabilities, multi-level categories, inventory management, as well as membership and discounting features are all standard. In addition, DXshop offers clickthrough and commissions-tracking systems, a local product database with a wide range of per-product settings, and 10 transaction options including real-time credit card processing.

This entire process is guarded by the best network, data, and server security normally associated with large corporations, expansive IT budgets, and dedicated staff. Multi-home network connectivity, nightly backups, and 24x7 hardware and software management mean businesses can depend on their sites running constantly and reliably.

Many users appreciate the easy to use interface. You don't need to be a web developer to use DXshop.

How it Works
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