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Now building a Web storefront is easier than ever. DXshop gives you everything you need to build your business on-line.

Web Shop Creator

Create your complete Web site in minutes using our point-and-click back office system. Choose the layout and design from one of our many themes. Its easy with DXshop.
Enter product information into the database, upload images right from your desktop, or activate real-time credit card authorization. All you need is an Internet connection and a standard Web browser.

Product Catalog

You can sell up to 12,000 products in your DXshop although most merchants start out modestly with just a few hundred products.
Just testing the e-commerce potential of your business? Try starting out with 12 products for only $19.95 per month with the full features, or $14.95 per month for the basic feature set.

Inventory Manager

Only the DXshop allows you to show how many items you have in stock in real-time.
Each time someone makes a purchase the inventory manager is updated. When an item has been depleted from your inventory purchases can be blocked by the system.

Shopping Cart

Every Web store needs one!
Our easy to use system comes complete with a global shipping calculator and a world tax calculator.

Credit Card Processing

Through your Web store you can process credit card transactions in real-time by activating supported third party credit card processing services. OR DXshop can securely capture the orders for you to process through your existing POS or other in-store credit card system

Membership Program

Automatically add members to your database following a purchase.
Using the DXshop membership program you can give your customers incentives and discounts for repeat business and you can communicate with them regularly by email to bring them back again and again.

HTML E-Mail System

Get attention with HTML email. Standard email to your members keeps them informed, but with HTML email you can actually send complete products descriptions, images, and even BUY buttons linked into your store for instant sales impact.

Affiliates Program

The Affiliates Program built into every DXshop can track the efforts of others promoting your products online. Use the program to pay commissions to others, to track the success of online advertising, or even individually track the effectiveness of each of your membership or HTML emails.

Use Your Own Url

Register your domain name ( and you can use it for your DXshop.