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Fulfilling a DXcustom project requires a variety of personnel and skills. DXStorm is pleased to offer all of its services for complete projects, or partial services for various client needs.

E-Business Consultation - DXStorm has applied Internet technologies to real businesses for almost 7 years. Working with thousands of businesses has lent us an approach, insight, and expertise invaluable to any organization that may contemplate application of Internet related technologies for any part of their business. A small investment of time can usually determine quickly if your vision and plans are sound or need revision and as such can save any company time and money.

Database Development - The solutions we provide and those we build for our clients operate with a variety of database types from simple GDBM and ASCII table files, to SQL format databases, to high end ODBC driven systems like Oracle. Designing and building databases for access over the Internet or as part of an internal computing system are routine to DXStorm.

Platform Specialists - The Internet has expanded computing in part due to its flexibility across many platforms. As such, our teams are familiar with many platforms in order to affect integration and development in different environments, whether for Unix (like Sun Microsystems or HP), Microsoft environments, or mini mainframes (like IBM's AS400). Integration of any system with Internet technologies is possible and can be cost effective when the right experience is applied.

Programming / Software Development - DXStorm uses many programming tools to create solutions for its clients. The languages employed in any project, C, C++, Java, Javascript, PHP, and others, are selected to fulfill the specific needs of each project. Flexibility in the languages employed allows DXStorm to address most development and integration environments.

Network and Security - DXStorm manages its own networks, security and server facilities. Our expertise in building and maintaining our own systems is easily extended to your organization. Whether you require simple office wide Internet access, or a highly secured, multi-peered autonomous network with remote VPNs and high end firewalls and security, our team can support you.

Training - While DXStorm always provides training for the solutions it develops for its clients, more fundamental training is also available. Available training courses include: E-Business Basics for Management, E-Commerce Fundamentals, Introduction to the Internet (for office application and communications), and other custom programs. Call us to explore other training options. 1-877-397-8676

Graphic Design / HUI Design / Extreme Media - Design services for Human User Interface, Online branding and advertising, and Web / Internet application in general are available at DXStorm and can be tailored to your exact needs. Extreme media, including flash, movie, audio, and other advanced media can also be partially or completely produced in-house at DXStorm.

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