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The Process

Each DXcustom project is unique, but certain elements are similar for virtually every project we execute. The following points will illustrate some of the elements common to most projects:

Assessment - The first step of the process is assessment to determine what functions you need addressed. The planning team will learn about your business, how you manage the relevant portions of your operations now, and the capabilities and capacities of your existing staff. Once we understand your current models, then we explore the requirements of a new Client / Server / Web solution.

Integration / Technical Assessment - In the event that the project will involve integration of new technologies with technology, software, or other systems existing within your organization, a thorough examination of your existing infrastructure and resources will be made to ensure that project planning appropriately considers the existing technologies.

System Engineering and Design - A development team, made up of project consultant, software development personnel, design and interface personnel, database designer(s), and other personnel that may be required for the project will meet to walk through the functionality of the planned system from front to back and identify all challenges to the project whatever their nature. This process may take a few hours, or many days depending on the scope of the project and the depth of preliminary documentation required.

Project Proposal - Based on all of the information gathered and assessed by the project team, and the input from the system engineering and design meeting(s), we will produce a complete Project Proposal outlining all parts of the new system, project execution, costs, future considerations, project timelines, and any other information relevant to the project. Based on the proposal, your organization should be able to complete, with our help, an objective cost/benefit analysis to verify the validity of the project. The small investment of time and cost to this point of the project is critical to the assessment and successful implementation of a solution that meets your organization's needs.

Execution Meeting - Upon approval of the Project Proposal, relevant members of our Project Team will meet with selected members of your organization to review all parts of the project including functionality of the final solution, input required from your personnel, all technical elements outside of software development, testing and training processes, and future support elements. All will be set to a timeline that both teams can work comfortably to achieve without impeding your organization's operations during development.

Software / Technical Development - The software and database development team, along with any other required technical personnel go to work to fulfill the solution design employing a variety of tools as deemed necessary during planning. QA procedures are employed throughout development to ensure that final testing later in the project runs as smoothly as possible.

Human User Interface - The design and HUI team create the various interfaces for the software which will be delivered through a standard Web browser and potentially independent modules connected to the server. As technical development nears completion, the technical and design teams work together to merge the client / server elements.

Testing and Training - Your personnel will be properly trained in the use of the solution developed. Training begins before final launch of the system to take input from those who will actually use the system. Testing conducted in conjunction with the final users ensures that the interface and functionality are streamlined to maximize productivity.

Implementation - Once testing and training are complete, the new solution will be launched. As the solution is typically delivered, at least in part, from DXStorm's network, close monitoring is maintained on the system at all times to ensure that any discovered errors are quickly corrected, and modifications for efficiency can be made quickly.

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