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Design is a critical element for most projects, although the approach to design used depends largely on the function of the systems developed and can range dramatically. Where design is needed, DXStorm understands that these elements are as important as any other part of the system. This is your 'face' to your customers and therefore must accurately reflect corporate branding and be in line with new or existing design stylesheets.

Utilitarian Design: A system, or the portion of a system, that is used primarily by your own staff to perform day to day operations must be intuitively easy to use, fast to operate, and very simple to modify. Such a system may be a back-office administration that is used as an engine for the front end web site or databases. The design approach, for such application, is very utilitarian and focuses on function before asthetics. Color and design are applied to reduce eye strain over long periods rather than convey branding. While the design applied in this regard may appear to be very simple, the expertise behind it is extensive.

Graphic Design: The front end of the system is your first opportunity to attract and keep your visitors attention. This is an important first step at converting them from a visitor to a customer. With our combined background in e-business systems and human user interface development, DXStorm can deliver powerful and effective design.

Extreme Media: Some elements of the system may be used for training, public access, branding, or other functions requiring 'Extreme Media'. Extreme Media may include the use of Flash, Java, QuickTime, or other tools to deliver movies or other interactive functionality where high impact is required. This represents the extreme opposite of the Utilitarian Design, and also requires the experience and expertise of a design and human user interface expert.

Whatever the design needs for your DXcustom solution, you can be confident that we can deliver.

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