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DXcustom exceeds the 'typical' application of Internet and Web by combining Internet processes with a more traditional client/server approach. The Web server is capable of delivering custom software functionality through any Web browser. As such, centralized computing has become cost effective for virtually any organization.

To illustrate the Client / Server / Web approach, consider the example of a typical manufacturer who's information management may include some centralized computing (IBM AS400) to track orders, production, and distribution. Centralized office staff are responsible for data entry, production and distribution planning, and generation of reporting for all departments involved. Remote offices may be connected to the centralized system by dedicated phone lines.

This type of set up, for those who have embraced technology, may be considered typical. When the company seeks to update their systems to consolidate or expand functions, increase access to information, or cut costs, the question is 'HOW?' The answer is a Client / Server / Web approach as delivered by DXcustom.

A DXcustom solution will be developed on DXStorm's own network and server hardware (reducing costs associated with technology and related expertise in-house). The system will be developed using a combination of existing Web and Database technologies coupled with custom software. The 'client software' used to access and interact with the system is any standard Web Browser, dramatically cutting costs while increasing accessibility without the need for dedicated phone lines. Certain modules may allow for customers to connect with the system to place or track orders thereby reducing overhead and increasing service. The same system might also be employed to expand communication within the organization, further increasing efficiency. Updates to the functionality of the system can, with the new solution, be completed in weeks, or even days, not months or years typical of traditional Client / Server solutions.

Application of combined technologies can meet corporate computing needs at a much lower cost than traditional software development. Network costs are reduced. The need for dedicated computer hardware and expertise is reduced. Access is dramatically increased, and flexibility to address change exists where it did not previously.

The Client / Server Web approach applies to virtually all industries for a limitless variety of functions:
  • Corporate or client communications and file sharing
  • Internet enablement of existing software for quoting, accounting, and more
  • centralization and/or connection of existing sales, accounting, production, distribution, or service systems.
  • granting client access to information to reduce personnel load and increase service and productivity
  • automation of any administrative processes
  • online ordering or order status reporting coupled to existing back-office systems
  • creation of a 'paperless office'
  • the examples are endless.

Call us to let DXStorm show you how a custom E-Business solution can serve your organization. 1-877-397-8767.

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