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DXcart supports several options for credit card processing:
  1. Order Capture Only for processing off-line using your existing Merchant Accounts and POS system.

  2. Merchants Accounts complete with Real-Time Processing in a variety of currencies for businesses around the world.

  3. Real-Time Processing Only

Secure Order Capture

Accepting payment by credit card is a standard feature of DXcart.

If the Merchant can already accept credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover, DXcart can be set up to 'capture' the credit card information with the customer's order and thereby avoid the additional costs associated with Internet specific merchant accounts and processing.

Once an order has been placed, the Merchant is sent an e-mail informing them that a customer has made a purchase and that they can access this order in the Order Pick Up area of their DXcart Administration.

When the Merchant enters the Order Pick Up Admin area their browser launches a Secure Session. Sensitive credit card information is never sent over the public network and is available only to the Merchant.

After the Merchant has retrieved their orders, they may process the transactions off-line through their existing Point-Of-Sale authorization system. They may, at that time, decide to send their customer an e-mail letting them know that the transaction was accepted and when to expect delivery of their order.

Payment Services Interactive Gateway.

A Merchant may use the processing system with existing merchant accounts or apply for a Merchant account. The Payment module communicates with major Canadian and U.S. card processors to authorize credit card transactions in real time.


Merchants Accounts with Real-Time Processing

Canadian company that acts as a bank agent and can therefore provide merchant status for U.S. or Canadian funds transactions. It also provides the real-time transaction authorization service.

Canadian and United States dollar merchant status is available for all qualified merchants*, regardless of their country of origin. There are no requirements to incorporate or open bank accounts in Canada or the United States to be an InternetSecure merchant.


DXshop is also integrated with the processing systems.

Merchants in almost any country can acquire Merchant Status to accept VISA, MasterCard, and AMEX in a variety of currencies. Merchants do not require US residency status to process credit cards in US funds or other currencies.



... is a leading Canadian electronic payment solutions provider. Services include a choice of credit card transaction packages; electronic funds transfer, and automated clearinghouse payment processing for both e-commerce and traditional brick and mortar businesses.


Real Time Credit Card Processing

DXcart processing systems.

A Merchant with existing credit card merchant accounts may use the processing system. The providing institution must have approved the accounts for Internet use. If the Merchant does not have suitable Credit Card Merchant Status, DXStorm can assist you.


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