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Technical Specifications

DXcart for Small, Medium and Large Business technical specifications are as follows:

  • Background, text, link, and viewed link colors configurable using built-in picker
  • Background and header images are supported
  • Merchants may replace default button graphics
  • HTML can be added to all notes and footer fields

Shopping Cart/Checkout
  • Merchants can define any of the following payment options:
    1. real-time credit card processing via InternetSecure
    2. real-time credit card processing via Authorize.Net
    3. secure capture of credit card information
    4. collect on delivery (C.O.D.)
    5. purchase order
    6. merchant call back to client for payment info
    7. fax
    8. phone
    9. mail
    10. electronic checks through I-Check
  • Merchants can define sessions as cookie or IP for tracking
  • Merchants can pass up to five extra attributes into the cart, such as size, color, and personalized information
  • Payment and shipping information is collected separately
  • Optional comment fields (with merchant-defined labels) can be placed on the shipping information page; merchants can require these fields be filled out.

Language / Country Settings
  • Currency settings allow merchants to define the currency (and symbol) used and position of decimal places
  • Currency converter shows customers approximate totals in a second merchant-defined currency
  • All information displayed on all pages can be modified and can contain HTML code
  • All form labels and table headings can be modified
  • Text and label modifications allow merchants to use text in any language

Tax Configuration
  • Up to eight levels of regional tax may be configured for states or provinces
  • Federal tax is set individually
  • EEC tax settings are optional
  • Global taxes (such as tourism taxes) are also configurable
  • Merchants can configure tax as being applicable--or not--to shipping charges

Page Footer
  • Allows for three lines of text, and HTML may be used
  • Optional contact and copyright notice lines
  • Page footers automatically applied throughout the cart

Graphics Upload
  • .gif and .jpg images are supported
  • Automatic format checking for bad files and file types
  • Image dimensions are checked automatically to create proper inline tags

Membership Database
  • Membership tax exemptions can be set globally or individually
  • Global discount overrides individual members' settings
  • Membership lists can be downloaded in tab-delimited ASCII format

Product Database
  • Up to 25,000 products are supported
  • Prices and shipping units are required for each product and are used in shipping calculations
  • Up to six complementary products can be displayed in the shopping cart for add-on sales
  • Merchants may override state/provincial and federal tax settings to make products non-taxable
  • Zero-shipping option allows individual products and services to escape default shipping calculations
  • Product cloning means merchants can duplicate the last product entered into the database to reduce data entry time

Associates Program
  • Merchant defines unique codes and URLs for use on banners and links from other sites
  • Online and offline report features include click-through tracking and net sales tracking for links
  • Independent link code and password-driven reporting screen show statistics retrieved from link providers

Order Retrieval
  • A secondary password-protected secure order-retrieval system is accessed independently of the main administration
  • Optional report builder allows custom configuration of transaction data download

  • SSL server for all forms of transactions
  • Optional real-time secure credit card processing via InternetSecure or
  • Triple DES encryption of all stored transaction data
  • SSL server employed for all order pickups
  • Server protected by a wide range of proprietary security features

Technical Specs
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