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DXcart for Small, Medium and Large Business boasts many features to meet your eCommerce needs including:

Merchant Support
  • Complete owner's manual is available online in .pdf format
  • System check reviews all settings and returns merchants a readiness report
  • System diagnostics allow merchants to check functions as their Web site is being created
  • Technical support representatives are readily available to assist with any difficulties merchants may have
  • Submit detailed questions and/or comments to our technical support reps directly from the merchant administration area. These are answered quickly, often within hours.

Shopping Cart / Checkout

  • Customers review or delete any item in the shopping cart at any time
  • Current subtotals--by product and complete order--are clearly displayed
  • A quick buy option allows immediate addition of complementary items
  • Multi-code feature allows addition and grouping of multiple bundled objects
  • Customers can edit product quantity in the shopping cart (which can be overridden for individual products)
  • Built-in shipping calculator
  • System can apply taxes automatically on both a global and product-by-product basis
  • Merchants are notified of sales via email
  • Customers receive email confirmation, including optional purchase details.

Order Retrieval
  • One-click check for waiting orders
  • SSL secure order pickup
  • One-page viewing with forward, back, and delete functions
  • All orders are archived for future reference and as backup

Tax Configuration

  • Easy to configure
  • Collect taxes for up to 8 tax regions
  • Supports HST for Canadian Maritime Provinces
  • Supports EEC (European Economic Community) Sales Tax

Network Resources
  • DXcart system hosted on our servers
  • Unlimited throughput
  • Nightly on and offsite redundant backups.

Membership Database
  • Merchants manage database additions, deletions, editing and listing
  • Members can be automatically added upon their first purchase
  • Members are offered a "rapid checkout" option
  • Discounts may be set for members as a percentage or dollars off a product's minimum purchase amount
  • A bulk email option lets merchants easily address all members
  • An HTML email option allows merchants to send web pages directly to their members

  • Instant access to the solution and features upon registration
  • 24-hour password-protected browser access to administration

Associates Program
  • System automatically and seamlessly accepts a link from an associate, records it, and directs customers' browsers to a predefined address specified by the merchant
  • Power developer options include passage of URL-embedded data through links, and reset of end target to any page defined on-the-fly by the link provider
  • Sales that result from a link are reported as such to merchants.

Appearance Controls
  • Infinitely configurable colors, background images, and button graphics
  • Optional MicroCart feature for framed sites

  • Price lookups in addition to Cart prevent Web hacking of prices
  • Server protected by a wide range of proprietary security features

Product Database
  • All data looked up locally for security
  • Database can be edited on or offline using a spreadsheet

Technical Specs
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